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Do you know what a Turducken is? I would hope not. But at 5am a few weeks ago, it hit me. I should make a ✨turducken✨ cake. I called my sister, who is still damaged by the time her in laws once made an actual Turducken and she was like "OMG no". But I was like, wait... lemme show you what I mean..

If you're anthing like me, sometimes your multiple personalities have a lil battle in your mind about what cake to get. I've fixed that. Hello, Turducken.

8 of our most popular and seasonal cakes, including:
- creme brulee, our top seller
- crackberry
- savannah praline
- lotus biscoff
- vanilla buttermilk
- mom, i am a rich man
- blood orange chocoate
- pumpkin spice

Turducken Cake

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