The perfect individual gift for your teachers, classmates, friends, coworkers, delivery man, or simply that extra special person... you! (kidding)

It has been a tough year which makes it extra important to "treat" those we love. But let's be honest, treating EVERYONE gets $$ quick. These little boxes are super special, all hand-crafted and made from scratch and are ready to gift in their adorable iconic pink bakery boxes sealed with a gold sticker. At $10 each they're a steal. Move over fuzzy socks, The OG PTB: Xmas Edition is here. 

Each box includes:
(1) sugar cookie dough cupcake
(1) gingerbread man
(1) peppermint bark brownie square
(1) coconut snowball itty bitty bundt with the sweetest little snowflake
+ holiday fluff and a dash of good cheer

In an effort to maintain our sanity this holiday no customizations, please

The OG PTB: Xmas Edition

  • We openly handle several allergens throughout our store and in our kitchens, including dairy, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, and others. While we do our best to keep ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee that any of our baked goods are allergen free as we use shared equipment to store, prepare, and serve them.