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This box is for the OGs. The ones that order every holiday shop, who come in to the bakery faithfully and who know every single flavor we've released. Why is it for you? Because each cupcake is unlike any flavor we've done before. Completely new. It's elevated. It's boujie. It's extra and excessive and all the things you could ever want and hope for. It's not just a variety box it's a seasonal tasting box. We've taken the very best flavors of spring and asked the question "how can we make this the most insane version of itself". Disclaimer: if you're not a regular and you're new to this wonderful world of Bittersweet Bakery #1: Welcome, glad you're here #2: Prepare yourself and most importantly your taste buds.

PB & Purple:
This cake brings all the nostalgic pb&j vibes. Fudge cake swirled with a peanut butter ribbon and our housemade blackberry jam. We top it with whipped peanut butter buttercream, semisweet chocolate ganache, a fresh blackberry, and a fresh edible pansy that we grow here in our rooftop garden ok ok ok kidding we don't grow our own pansies (that's excessive even for us) but we do source them from a beautiful farm in sunny San Diego

Coconut Gold:
Coconut on coconut on coconut. Wondering if this tastes like coconut? It 100% does no doubt. If you're a die-hard coconut fan this is it. And the fact that we stuffed it with indulgent dulce de leche "gold" - dare i say, icing on the cake? No, I won't say it because that's cringy. Erase from your memory. 

When researching how to elevate such a classic like carrot cake did we google "boujie AF carrot cake"? Yes, we most certainly did. Did anything come up? Absolutely not. But now, this will. It's the very definition. Warm spices throughout our classic carrot cake paired with cream cheese buttercream that has been heavily doused with grand marnier. As it should be. As it should've always been. On top, we've added crushed toasted walnuts, edible gold leaf flakes, and lightly scented bright fuschia dried rose petals that we personally grow on our rooftop garden and press. ok ok ok, kidding again. 

Strawberry Shortcake:
We've said it before and we will say it again - eating strawberries out of season should be a sin. These berries are perfectly ripe, insanely sweet and top a light honey-sweetened whipped cream. The cake itself is a buttermilk vanilla cake layered with roasted strawberries and then topped with slivered almonds and turbinado that once baked creates the most perfect crunchy sugar shell. Light yet indulgent, if spring were a flavor this would be it.

It's like tiramisu and mangos had a baby. Fresh mango cake stuffed with our housemade mango curd creates the base of this cake. On top the mascarpone buttercream can only be described as what I imagine biting into a cloud tastes like. It's light and half as sweet but not in a "healthy" way. No no. Don't stress. We're still the people you cheat with. But more in an "mmk this is perfection" way. Exactly what a mango cake needs way. 

This box includes one of each of the above cupcakes, boxed in our iconic pink boxes and sealed with a gold sticker. Buy these to share. Buy these to take a bite of each one while in your car in our parking lot before going home. Regardless, buy these - you won't regret it. 

Seasonal Cupcake Tasting Box

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