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Sometimes, you need a little treat. It has been a year. A week. A day. Idc if it has just been one of those hours.. You just need a little box of happiness. Allow me to introduce you to happiness.

This box includes: 
- a perfectly spiced pumpkin tart. notes of brown sugar, cream, warm spices. and then a big dollop of whipped cream. 
- our latest Ruby Berry cupcake. The deets: a cranberry vanilla cake stuffed with our housemade raspberry jam, crowned with our signature vanilla buttercream and dipped in ruby chocolate ganache. 
- a limoncello sponge cake filled with limoncello white chocolate mousse
- and finally, because you need a little chocolate to truly be indulgent - a german chocolate fudgy brownie

Get this for yourself, get this for a pal. It is sure to impress. 

OG PTB: Girl U Fancy

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