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Choose from the Basic Witch which obviously had to be Pumpkin Spice or Bite Me which again very obviously had to be Fangfetti. Like pretty sure it's as much of a sin choosing any other flavor for these as it is posting an item with the word damn in it in Waxahachie, Texas. So these cakes are for you, deviants. You know the drill. You purchase them. You hide them. You eat them alone in bed while watching Hocus Pocus... the original. Because the second one was 👀  (kidding kidding Bette Midler can do no wrong and SJP was a treat)

Now for the dirty dirty details: the pumpkin spice? its swirled with cheesecake. And the fangetti? you know we had to include a strawberry jam layer, how could we not? 

No customizations or substitutions.
🧛🏻 and because i know people will ask.. fangfetti is funfetti. and funfetti is basically vanilla with sprinkles in it which makes it confetti. but because it's colorful it's fun. thus.. 

Lookin Like a Whole D*mn Snack Cake

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