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When I was considering what to name the bakery a lot of people suggested "Angel Cakes". Well, let me back up a bit... Hi, hello - my name is Angel and I am the owner of this bakery you are currently looking at. Anyway - Angel cakes just wasnt it. Instead, I wanted to name my bakery after an obsure one hit wonder from the 90s that very few could guess. As one does. But with the suggestion of naming the bakery Angel Cakes also came the suggestion to sell Angel Food Cake! Makes total sense! My name is Angel I should obviously make one hell of an angel food cake. Well, this isn't that. Instead, I have made for you a witch cake. Because to me I think it would be really really funny to purchase these witch cakes and go and gift them to all of your pals and be like "Hey, Witch" here you go. 

Inside you will find our Sour Cream Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with a Cinnamon Tres Leches soak.
See, that sounds freakin delicous right? Who needs Angel Food Cake. 

- We will be open on Monday, October 30 for PICK-UP only. Should you choose to pick-up on Monday please be especially mindful of our hours for collection. We will not have additional items for purchase in our retail case on this day. We chose to open for pick-up only on Monday for those that may want to take items to school / work the following day and are unable to make it on Tuesday. On Tuesday we will have a themed out full retail case like always for you to come in and purchase additional items from. 
- At pick-up it is helpful for you to have your order # or we can look it up by the Last Name the order was placed under. 
- Please note that if you do not pick-up your order on your selected order date it will be donated. 


I've Been Called Worse

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