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Unsure what to bring? This. You bring this. Whether you're taking it to your new in laws for them to snack on the next few days, to your pals at the office, or to your friendsgiving so you can snag a bite, too. This. Is. It. 

Here is what is included:
(5) mini crackberry cupcakes
(5) mini sweet potato casserole cupcakes
(3) limoncello sponge cakes with limoncello white chocolate mousse
(2) german chocolate fudge brownie bites
(3) pomberry chocolate fudge brownie bites
(4) browned butter dulce rice krispie treats
+ 1 give thanks leaf

all wrapped up in a sweet black and white striped ribbon

This box includes 22 items and it is not customizable.

Hostess Box

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