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It's been a minute since I've done a sweet charcuterie board style box. Like everyone started doing them so I was like I dont wanna do them. But it was time. Time for this box to come out of retirement a la Cameron Diaz. And not that I'm trying to make your plans for you or anything - but here's how I feel like things should go down. First let me back up and tell you when you read this title it should land somewhere between the voice of Ghostface 🔪 and Ryan Gosling, i know, weird pairing but that's just where I went with it. Then you should purchase this box and yeah yeah choose to maybe like take it to a party or something, or you can be nice and take it to the office. sure, sure, whatever. But if youre anything like me, you should purchase this box and take a bite from every single item. Think reese witherspoon when that ass hat broke up with her and she took a bite from every chocolate in the box. Do that. Maybe add a little bit of wine. Definitely light a fall scented candle of sorts. Come on, make it aesthetic. Make it a vibe. Obviously a spooky vibe. 

Here's what you're getting:
(4) cosmic brownie squares - with an upgrade of little sparkly bats and irridescent glitter. Remember? Spooky Vibes is what we're going for here.
(5) dead velvet cupcakes ☠️ okay, they're red velvet. but dead velvet sounds so much more fun
(5) fangfetti cupcakes
(3) ghosty sugar cookies 👻👻👻
(4) cotton candy skulls, and if youre unsure what cotton candy as a cake tastes like believe me when i say it kinda reminds me of old school cake batter that your mom used to make. sweet but not overly so. if you were a zombie it's exactly as you would image a brain to taste. i think, idk. did this get weird?
-caramel corn
-white chocolate morsels
-candy corn (you can 100% eat around this, or if you're a psycho eat it i guess)
-halloween m&m's

No customizations or substitutions.

Hey Girl, Do You Like Scary Movies Box

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