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Every holiday shop we release we question do we care more that it looks holiday festive or would we rather put our energy on the taste. For me, I couldn't get behind making a cupcake look like a turkey so instead... cue Alexa Tyga - "Taste".
With this sampler box we wanted to highlight all of the flavors that come with this magical time of the year, and no not xmas so hold your ho ho ho's because santa can wait. I'm talking warm chai spices, rich caramels, tart cranberries and ofc pumpkin - we would never forget the pumpkin. Afterall, this is the holiday that you gobble till you wobbly - thankfully. 

In each box you will receive an assortment of seasonal cupcakes. Our flavors rotate daily so no two days will be exactly the same, unless of course it just so happens to align like that. Let our bakers curate the perfect fall box for you and you will not be disappointed. 

*note - there are no customizations or requests in this box, if youd like to build your own box simply come in or call ahead and choose from our daily offerings that way*



Harvest Collection Sampler Box

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