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Let me break this down for you..

We start with a layer of our cult-fav fudge brownie that you all know and love BUT we underbake it justttt slightly to really up that ooey gooey factor. Then, as if it wasn't ooey gooey chocolatey enough, as soon as it comes out of our ovens we top it with semisweet ghirardelli chocolate chips. Yep, the good ones. So what that does is it makes this insane layer of PURE delicious chocolate. We add on a thick layer of our homemade marshmallow fluff, big marshmallows, baby marshmallows - what can we say, we're suckers for variety. Then we top it with a sprinkle of even more chocolate and the perfect vessel to carry every last bit of this - graham crackers. It's sinful, it's insanely rich, it's that "Get this AWAY from me" kind of dessert.

The coolest part?
Once you take it home you throw it on your grill (or in your oven) to get everything nice and toasty.
You can burn it, you can give it a light suntan, it's all up to you babe. The world is yours.

Grillable S'mores Brownie

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