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Fudgy is an understatement. This is the cake for the chocoholics. Not too sweet but trust me when I tell you it is rich. Rich AF. Like divorce your husband and buy a revenge dress a la Princess Diana rich. Cut only by the not too sweet whipped cream on top. Adorned with a light dusting of powdered sugar and an even lighter sprinkle of rose petals. Would pair excellently with an espresso after dinner or at midnight eaten directly from the fridge followed by a sip of milk, no glass, animal style. 
Serves 8-10

Truthfully, our DMs have been filled with "Are you bringing the flourless chocolate cake back" messages. Nearly renamed it as "the infamous flourless chocolate cake", because it is so good it is downright dangerous.

 ðŸš¨NOTE🚨 While technically this dessert is naturally gluten free, because, well.. flourless, it does come from our kitchen where we make and produce products made with wheat on the daily. Use your own discretion here, but to cover our 🍑 I will be leaving this notice.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

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