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This box includes 1 of each of the following:

- The Old Fashioned: Now this cupcake doesn't just sorta taste like an old fashioned, it 100% gives you all the notes you'd expect - down to the luxardo cherry at the bottom. And when it came to the Whiskey we knew we could use nothing else but our fav TX Whiskey. 
While there isn't enough alcohol to catch a buzz we recommend 21+ on this cupcake.

- Railport Stout: IYKYK we go way back with our pals at Railport Brewing Co. so we couldn't pass up the chance to do a crossover cupcake for Father's Day. Our rich chocolate fudge cupcake basically begs to be paired with their Railporter Stout. Dusted in cocoa this cupcake is rich rich rich

- Lemon Meringue Pie: men like fire, right? I mean I do, too, but that's a discussion for another time. This cupcake is giving "hold my beer and watch this" vibes. But don't worry - we will handle the torch, all you gotta do is enjoy the bright lemon cupcake, that tart lemon curd fill and alllll of that delicious ✨perfectly toasted ✨marshmallow meringue. 

- Cookie Butter: Gingersnap cookies and spice cake filled with house-made cookie butter and topped with a cookie butter buttercream and white chocolate ganache. Unsure of the connection to Father's Day here but I do know it's a very yummy cupcake and that's really all that matters

- Blackberry Oreo: here we took our fudge cake that you know and love and stuffed it with a big juicy fresh blackberry and house-made blackberry jam. Then we crowned it with blackberry oreo buttercream. It's bright, its chocolatey, it's seasonal, it's perfection

and finally... the pièce de résistance. the cupcake that inspired the entire menu, the entire vibe, the entire collection.. 

- Peanut Butter Whiskey feat TX Whiskey + Meat Therapy
Let's break this down because every element is important. First it started with a text to our pal Jason @ Meat Therapy. I mean yes we could make our own candied bacon but why when Jason does it, and everything else, oh so well. I mean bacon for Father's Day isn't entirely groundbreaking. But Bacon that has been therapized... 👀. And once we decided that's the route we were taking we couldn't just use any old Whiskey, we needed TX. From there it was expertly paired with our peanut butter cupcake, peanut butter whiskey buttercream and stunning shower of dark brown sugar. 
BUT THERE'S MORE 👹👹👹👹 You know ME by now. You KNOW I couldn't stop. If I could insert a devil laughing GIF rn I would. I THEN DECIDED TO DRIZZLE THE ENTIRE THING WITH MIKES HOT HONEY. Yes. You're welcome. 

No customizations, no substitutions, no nothin'. I've expertly crafted this box just for you and your loved ones you may be gifting this to. Savory, spicy, bright, chocolatey. We've hit every note. Please enjoy this box as it is intended. 

Father's Day Sampler Six Pack

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