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Unsure what to bring on Sunday? This. You're bringing this. Packaged in our clear window boxes sealed with a perfectly pink satin ribbon so that all of the sweets are on display and ready to be enjoyed. This box was such a hit last year we had to bring it back. Why was it so popular? One, it's beautiful. Two, it's absolutely delicious. Even the unimportant "filler stuff" is meticulously thought out and hand crafted so that this box is enjoyable to the very last crumb.

4 cookies and cream cult fav fudge brownie squares
4 itty bitty blueberry lemon bundt cakes
5 mini vanilla buttermilk cupcakes
5 mini classic strawberry cupcakes
+ house-made bunny chow and hand-rolled sparkly sugar cookie bunnies

Easter Graze Box

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