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Want to make a cake but don't want to like..... make.... the cake? We are providing everything you'll need in a neat little package - suitable for even the least equipped kitchen. Sure to keep you entertained for a while - the puzzle can wait. Oh, and doesnt hurt that you get to eat your creation, too. Choose your mood below. The Sunshine Box will result in a bright lemon cake perfect for spring while the Doomsday Box will give you a moody chocolate cake with an espresso soak and brownie crumbles. Or choose both.

The sunshine box includes: (3) vanilla cake layers (1) bag of vanilla buttercream  (3) lemons (1) package of almonds (1) cake board (1) piping bag (1) instruction sheet

The doomsday box includes (3) chocolate cake layers (1) bag of chocolate buttercream (2) fudge brownie squares (1) package of chocolate chips (1) package of espresso powder (1) cake board (1) piping bag (1) instruction sheet

For a limited time we are offering local delivery for $15. Should you choose delivery please add it to your cart on the main page. 

DIY Sunshine / Doomsday Cake Kit

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