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There's a great carrot cake debate out there. Do you like carrot cake stuffed with all the things? I'm talking more than our usual shredded carrots, brown sugar, crushed walnuts and warm spices. When I say all the things according to the Bittersweet Dad it should also include golden raisins, crushed pineapple and sweet coconut. And the usual cream cheese buttercream? Elevated with fresh orange zest folded in to add a welcome bright punch (the orange was a me thing but Dad totally enjoys it, too)

Now don't stress if you were shaking your head while reading all of the things listed above. Simply head to our signature shop and order our classic carrot cake there where we stick to the equally delicious basics.

This 9" single layer cake comes adorned with edible florals, candied carrot ribbons and fresh berries. 8-10 generous slices. 

Deluxe Carrot Cake

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