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When I was younger my grandmother Thelma Baggett would take me to the local grocery store and we would purchase a buttermilk pie and one bottle of 7up cherry. It's funny the memories that end up sticking with you. Because of those trips to the store we would take together it crafted a very specific part of who I am - my name is Angel, I don't care much for licorice, my favorite color is blue and the best pie, in my opinion, is a buttermilk pie. Why? because of my grandmother. 

30 years later and Ive decided to update it a bit, but I'm sure she would approve. We've taken the classic and gave it the ✨bittersweet✨ treatment - and by that I mean we covered it in sugar and took a torch to it. Creating that iconic crack that reveals a luscious creamy buttermilk pie underneath. 

9" pie

Buttermilk Crack Pie

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