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Alright boo boos lets get boozy. But you know, in a classy-in-a-pink-box-from-that-cute-local-bakery-hidden-in-a-cupcake-can-totally-consume-before-noon kinda way. 

In this box you've got three of our cupcakes but amped up a bit. Okay okay, amped up a bunch. Like our normal cupcakes are fun and all. But these cupcakes are, like, super gets an invite to all the cool parties fun. And! Their pal Edible Cookie Dough came to play, too.
So lets break it down:

- Our take on an IRISH COFFEE: So think strong freshly brewed espresso notes, Jameson Whiskey. Yeah yeah.. the expensive sh*t. Swirled with notes of vanilla and our house-made salted caramel. And a baby pipette of an Irish Coffee Shot

- the Drunk Grasshopper: creme de menthe, creme de cacao, rich Ghirardelli chocolate, whipped cream.. no you don't gotta pronounce any of this. Comes with a baby pipette of a drunk grasshopper cocktail. Just add it to your cart. Consume. Done. 

- Nutty Irishman: here we take Frangelico which is a hazelnut liquor and mix it with Baileys Irish Cream. Tons of 24k edible gold +those fancy chocolates. Did you know there's a hazelnut shortage? Yeah, we didn't either when we came up with this flavor. So it makes it, like, rare and sh*t. + you guessed it, a pipette of our take on the nutty irishman. 

and finally the pièce de résistance our Magically Delicious Edible Cookie Dough layered with Marshmallow Fluff, Lucky Charms, extra rainbow sprinkles because we give the people what they want here and as if all of the above wasn't insane enough just imagine dipping that edible dough in a Baileys spiked white chocolate ganache. Or simply just pouring the ganache down your throat as a really fantastic palate cleanser, if you will. 


Boozy Box

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