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Hiya, Barbie!
This box includes two of each of the following:

Barbie Girl -
Rosé cake stuffed with sweet cherry, crowned with barbie pink vanilla buttercream and the cutest barbie approved cherry like ever

Ken Doll - 
White chocolate cake studded 👀 (see what we did there) with fresh blueberries and topped with crushed blueberry pop tarts and an extra dose of sprinkles

Pink Lemonade -
Fresh strawberry cake soaked with lemonade and topped with a strawberry lemon buttercream + everyones favorite crunchy lemon sugar

Pink Starburst - 
Pink starburst cake stuffed with tart pink starburst filling and a pink starburst buttercream.. and as a shock to no one... a pink starburst 😉

Malibu Barbie -
(my fav)
Coconut cake filled with pineapple and coconut cream + coconut buttercream and a fresh pineapple slice

Pink Velvet - 
You may have figured it out by now but it's all things PINK this week. Classic red velvet gets the pink treatment. Cream Cheese Buttercream, Velvet cake.. all the things you know and love - barbieified 

absolutely no customizations for pre-orders. these flavors will be in store on thursday and friday, if youd like to customize your order please come in. 

Barbie Box

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