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Teacher / Nurse / Whoeveryawant Appreciation boxes!

Full of delicious treats everyone loves and you can add a custom card with your message ♥️

Each box includes:

- a delicious fudgy cult fav cosmic brownie

*disclaimer if you haven’t had this yet ready for your mind to be blown 🤯 like fr if you thought just our regular brownies were delish? Man oh man. Just WAIT. Fudgy x1000 and that glaze! It’s made with buttermilk so it’s like tangy but in an incredible way. The original but elevated. Like you’re going to take a bite and then you’re going to make some weird noises. It’s gonna get awkward. Maybe announce what you’re doing first if you’re in a public place.

- an Orange creamsicle cupcake 🧁

- a super cute piped buttercream daisy cookie


And a strawberry shortcake bundt cake

Appreciation Box

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