Vanilla + Sugar
classic and sweet - the ultimate crowd pleaser

Creme Brûlée
vanilla cake, silky vanilla buttercream and crunchy bits of caramel create our top seller

 Birthday Cake
 playful sprinkles are folded in to our vanilla cake batter to achieve a cake so colorful even the most mystical of unicorns can't compete

Black and White
chocolate cake paired with our signature vanilla buttercream

Double Chocolate
chocolate cake paired with our signature chocolate buttercream because... more chocolate

when you can't decide, sometimes it's nice to have both

Italian Cream
although there is nothing Italian about this cake theres something to be said about the combination of toasted pecans and sweetened coconut in this classic cake

Old Fashioned
buttermilk cake, signature chocolate buttercream and nothing else - okay, maybe crushed pecans - but nothing else! 

White Wedding
almond, vanilla and a little billy idol

Lemon Twist
don't you hate when lemon cake is overly sweet and barely tastes like lemon at all? this cake is not that

one bite and its Christmas - buttermilk cake swirled with cinnamon and sugar covered in our signature vanilla buttercream and even more cinnamon sugar

Coconut Lime
if you don't sing "you put the lime in the coconut, you drink 'em bot'up" while ordering this cake you're doing it wrong

Red Velvet
buttermilk and cocoa make up this show stopping red beauty and since we are in the south it must be paired with cream cheese buttercream, obviously

Classic Strawberry

This is the cake that your grandmother likely made for every birthday regardless if you liked strawberry, it was simply that good and she knew it. 

Strawberry Fields (seasonal)
classic vanilla cake is paired with fresh sliced strawberries in this bright cake perfect for any occasion - offered seasonally because serving out of season strawberries should be a crime

Banoffee Pie (seasonal)

banana cake, toffee swirled buttercream and graham cracker crumbs

Key Lime Pie (seasonal)
key lime cake, key lime frosting with a touch of sweetened condensed milk and graham cracker crumbs

Pina Colada (seasonal)

Do you like getting caught in the rain? Do you like the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne? Well this doesn't include champagne but it does include a sweet coconut essence and fresh pineapple and brown sugar swirl. Swoon. 


Not all flavors are listed.
 If you are missing your favorite call us
to see if it's on our master menu -
chances are it is!

Mint Chocolate Chip
this mint chocolate chip cake is a mint lovers dream - layers of decadent chocolate cake topped with mint chip buttercream

Espresso Dulce
espresso cake paired with ribbons of rich dulce de leche and our signature vanilla buttercream dusted with espresso powder

 a popular and beloved southern cake recipe full of fresh pineapple, banana, toasted walnuts and spices

Cookies and Cream
chocolate cake + black and white sandwich cookies + vanilla buttercream = nostalgia in cake form

Peanut Butter Blitz
chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, chocolate ganache and crushed peanuts

German Chocolate
chocolate cake with homemade german chocolate filling loaded with toasted pecans and coconut

Raspberry Champagne
classic vanilla cake is soaked with pink champagne, filled with fresh raspberry compote and crowned with our signature vanilla buttercream

Triple Berry
raspberry, blackberry and blueberry make up this cheery cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
this isn't a drill - actual cookie dough on top of chocolate chip cake covered in chocolate ganache and extra chocolate chips because duh

spicy, warm and topped with cream cheese - we make the best, hands down... or at least that's what bittersweet's dad says

known as the -perfect- vanilla. almond, vanilla bean and lemon zest. they mix together and essentially magic happens.